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Monitoring City Projects

Register • Sep 3, 2013 at 12:45 PM

Goals are set at the first of the year for the city manager to complete. It is her job to see that the goals and projects are moved along expeditiously and not have them sidelined at any given time.

I recently requested a public record of all the projects and what phases they are in at the present time. I was told by the engineer that the document has not been updated. I did receive a document with all the projects listed along with the costs but nothing that would tell me what phase a project was in and what the next step would be.  I would think the first thing the new engineer, formally a project engineer, would do is to compile such a listing. I had received a project phase listing from the previous engineer so the report did exist at one time.  The listing should be a vital part of the engineer’s reports to the city manager and the commissioners so they can follow along with the progression of the projects.  

I would even take the reporting further and add the projects that are being vetted to the listing so the vetting process can be tracked.  The city seems to drop the ball on the vetting process allowing years to pass by without a conclusion as to whether to proceed or deny a project. The vetting process shouldn’t be a prolonged process.

Some commissioners seem to think they can sidetrack the manager by introducing projects to her that haven’t been vetted by the majority of the commissioners. Sidetracking the city manager will only cause approved projects to fall further behind.  

The evaluation process is not the time to find out goals and projects are not on target. Commissioners can’t be in all places at one time so current reporting keeps commissioners appraised of any items that may or may not need their immediate attention before an evaluation even takes place.

Until next week, keeping commissioners well informed can only assist with good leadership and organizational skills so commissioners are able to make informed decisions. 

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