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Cedar Point's 2014 rides from a seven-year-old's perspective

Jason Werling • Aug 28, 2013 at 1:40 PM

If my son's reaction to Cedar Point's announcement is any sign of what to expect from the park, things are looking good for kids in 2014.

"Those are my two favorite rides!" my son Will said after I let him know what was coming. He and his brother were lucky enough to visit two other Cedar Fair parks in the past couple years where similar rides are available. 

Cedar Point's new ride Pipe Scream is similar to Kings Island's Surf Dog and the Lake Erie Eagles is a ride much like Kings Dominion's Flying Eagles.

The boys weren't too upset of the name change to Junior Gemini, although others in my generation will probably still call it by the name we remember. And I'm sure the boys will still be able to find Frog Hopper.

We're looking forward to Halloweekends this year and the new changes next season. How about you?

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