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Free ebook on Singapore's health care system

Tom Jackson • Aug 15, 2013 at 11:08 AM

Take a look at the the table in this Forbes magazine article about health care expenditures. You'll notice that the United States ranks fourth in the world in per capita government health care spending.

In other words, while we in the U.S. enjoy advanced health care and good hospitals, in government terms we tend to have the worst of both worlds. We leave millions of people without health care, don't do particularly well in health rankings but spend a lot of money.

Complaints from conservatives and libertarians about "ObamaCare" and "socialist health care" are beside the point. The big government horse left the barn a long time ago, and it's not going back in. As the population ages, for example, it's a political fantasy to talk about repealing Medicare or even changing it very much.

So the real question is not whether we'll have government health care, but what we'll get for our money. Are we going to cover everyone for a realistic price? Government health care usually is talked about by referencing Canada's system or the system in the United Kingdom, but Singapore's free market approach also covers everyone and spends much less money doing it. (Look again at the chart I referenced.)

"Affordable Excellence: Singapore's Health Care System" by William Haseltine is a new book, and at least for now, it's available free for Kindle. 

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