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Search engine reveals shocking truth about John Kasich, Democrats claim

Tom Jackson • Aug 8, 2013 at 4:15 PM

Ohio's official "find a job" website, Ohiomeansjobs.com, has an online search engine. One of the variables allows the user to decide how far he wants to cast his net. For example, as of Thursday, a search for jobs in Sandusky (without specifying any particular job) provided 1,279 results. If you expand the search to 75 miles, you get 53,002 results. And so on. 


The search isn't limited to jobs in Ohio; if you make the search radius wide enough, it includes other states. Being able to search jobs both in and outside of Ohio is a useful convenience, particularly if you live in a city such as Toledo that's near a state line. 


All of this may seem obvious. But if you make a living writing misleading press releases — in other words, if you're a public relations flack for a political party — this is controversial. Because it means that Gov. John Kasich is trying to get people to leave Ohio!


A press release sent to me Thursday by a pair of Democratic Party flacks, Jerid Kurtz and Matt McGrath, reveals the awful truth about Ohio's Republican governor. The subject line is "OhioMeansJobs...In Pennsylvania."


The release includes this statement from McGrath:


“Ohio’s ranked 47th in the nation in job growth, but instead of giving people tools to find employment in Ohio, the Governor’s website does more to encourage families to seek jobs elsewhere. The Governor should work to fix his website to help people find employment in the buckeye state, rather than send them and their tax dollars to states like Michigan, Pennsylvania or New York.”


Apparently, there's an easy fix. If Kasich will cripple the search engine so you can only search for jobs in Ohio, even if you live near the state line,  Kurtz and McGrath will be happy.

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