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Despite construction, you can still adopt a cat

Tom Jackson • Aug 1, 2013 at 2:11 PM

With Tiffin Avenue aka Ohio 101 blocked off at both ends because of construction, getting to the Erie County Humane Society, 1911 Superior St., has become a bit tricky. But you can still get there to adopt a cat or a dog.

If you are coming from Sandusky or Perkins Township, you can get there via Perkins Avenue. Head west until it curves north into Tiffin/101, then turn left on Tiffin and turn right onto Superior.

Directions for getting there from the other direction, i.e. from Ohio 2,  are supplied by Amy Wieber, the shelter manager: "Follow 101 until it curves off the the left then make a right on Ferndale Drive.  Take Ferndale Drive until it dead ends at Superior Street, make a left.  We are all the way at the end on the left hand side." 

This is old news, but if you haven't heard, you can't get to the Humane Society from Venice Road anymore. Superior has been permanently severed by the West End Overpass project.

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