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Our government's secret war, secret Senate vote, etc.

Tom Jackson • Jul 31, 2013 at 4:25 PM

Want to know who the U.S is at war with in the "war on terror"? Sorry, nobody can tell you. It's a secret!

ProPublica, the "journalism in the public interest" Web site, wanted to know exactly which groups the U.S. is at war with. The Pentagon told the reporter it couldn't answer the question, citing "national security."

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence voted recently to approve President Barack Obama's plan to supply Syrian rebels with U.S. weapons. Want to know how the senators voted? Sorry, that's a secret, too.  (Apparently, none of the members of the committee are from Ohio.)

There was apparently a big massacre of prisoners in Afghanistan in 2001, but ProPublica can't find out any details, because the White House won't release any. 

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