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The Water Street rehabilitation and paving project

Anonymous • Jul 16, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Legislation was passed to start the design work on Water Street with the estimated cost of $178,518 coming from the Capital Funds.

The project is expected to start in 2015. It will provide improvements to Water Street from Wayne Street west to Shelby Street including the milling and resurfacing of Water Street between Wayne Street and Lawrence Street, new curbs and sidewalks where needed between Jackson Street and Lawrence Street, streetscape improvements including brick pavers, street lights, and tree grates between Decatur Street and Jackson Street and the reconstruction of blocks between Shelby Street and Lawrence Street with new curb and gutter, sidewalks, water main, drainage where needed, new driving surface and a continuation of the Sandusky Bay Pathway on the north side of the street.

If a downtown street needs to be improved upon, it should be Shoreline Drive instead of Water Street because there is more traffic on the street, plus, more businesses are located on Shoreline than Water Street. Water Street has vacant buildings on the west side of the town with hardly any businesses in the area. The street looks to be in better shape than other streets in town.

A barricade has been positioned in front of the marina on Shoreline Drive for a couple of years now. Someone installed a sewer grate and it drops down about four to five inches below street level. Mud is sliding down the storm sewer. The city would rather put up a barricade then correct the hazardous condition. A large pool of water forms around the barricade when it rains due to the improper drainage. The area in front of the marina looks like the city ran out of money in the middle of the project and just left the improvement unfinished.

It is disappointing to read in the paper that the Keller Building will not come down until the early part of 2014. The city has had five years to prepare for the demolition and it is still dragging its feet. The money has been legislated for the demolition so what is the hold up?

The projects downtown are costing huge amounts of money. I realize there are matching funds involved but why can’t the city work on the residential streets and sidewalks as well? It seems all the money is centered on downtown. The advantage downtown has over the residents is the fact that downtown merchants have lobbyists to push their projects.

Until next week, there is a lot of cleanup that has to happen on Water Street before street and sidewalk improvements can be done so damage to the improvements does not occur when the wrecking ball or new construction decides to happen.

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