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Always more to the story

Matt Morgan • Jul 11, 2013 at 5:05 PM

Everyone loves a good reveal. The details surrounding the Wizard of Oz's identity or even listening to Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" bring delight and awe.

There is always more to a story, or even life, than what obviously appears. The simple minutiae of a day pass us by without a second thought. We accept messages or reject them based on what we perceive them to be, or even by who issues them. Nothing sullies a good speech like a notorious reputation of the presenter, nor a good breakfast with the knowledge of the USDA's minimum guidelines for rodent droppings being allowed in grain (yeah, you thought that was a burnt Rice Krispie didn't you?). But life is life, speeches are speeches, and regardless of content Raisin Bran is still a delicious cereal.

As life moves on we do too, having picked up just a bit more knowledge and another conversation piece to share with others. Especially if it is something that we can make personal through the revelation beyond the obvious.

So, for our time together, I wish to share a story with you that I hope touches you and teaches you there is always more than what you may think.

Owen was raised by adoptive parents. Having been born with physical traits many would consider to be at the very least unattractive, his parents still loved him just as they loved their own biological children. He was cared after no differently, quite the opposite of a Cinderella or Oliver Twist. Owen was wont for nothing and loved by many, even outside of his family. His reddish hair gleamed and was beautiful proof of his familial difference and acceptance. Time passed and Owen grew older. In fact, so rich was his life that he got to experience two opposite thrills one could have: That of creating children of his own and even several brushes with death itself. It was a bit of a storybook life.

But, it wasn't to last as most Golden Age's do. Owen grew old, his hair lost that fiery luster. Yet, such was the impact he had on others that even as he lay dying he was tended to not just by his family but by hundreds of others, then thousands. Owen's life created an example for the people around him, uplifting them, and reaching out to them to show them that even when others think you can't, you actually can overcome life's difficulties to find love and success.

So just who was Owen, the adoptive child who overcame some physical challenges and stereotypes to lead a full life of inspiring others? If you care to see and hear from his own family during those final moments, you can do so here. But be warned, while not graphic you may want to grab a tissue.

Today, tomorrow, or every day. Please take a moment in your office or at home to discover something. Challenge yourself. You don't even have to think outside the box too much. To start you off, here are a few examples:

1. How did your pencil unite the world?

2. The very fork you use to eat your meals was at one time here millions of years ago and even before that present at the presumed moment of creation here billions of years ago.

3. There is hidden treasure everywhere you look, even if it doesn't appear to be.

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