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Huron Schools right to know

Register • Jun 26, 2013 at 10:30 AM

The Huron school board might be wise to consider board member John Caporini's suggestion the board make public the letter the district received from its liability insurance carrier detailing its reasons for canceling the district's insurance coverage. 

The school board has opted to withhold the the letter, citing attorney-client privilege. We're not sure how a letter from an insurer can be construed that way, but at least it's a plausible argument. 

But whether or not the letter is ever made public won't change the contents of the letter, and the board majority might be wise to heed Caporini's suggestion to put it on the table so the public is fully informed. 

Fellow board member Kevin Asher supported Caporini, urging the board to consider what settlement options might be available that could end the litigation and reduce the long-term costs related to the decision to fire former superintendent Fred Fox. Asher also correctly pointed out that board members cannot discuss in open session documents that are not established as being part of the public record, such as the insurance company letter.

Caporini and Asher were again out-voted by the board majority, but we agree with them: The public has a right to know. 

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