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I asked, here are your answers

Ruth Haag • Jun 25, 2013 at 8:21 PM

1. The amount of money that the City of Sandusky spends each year is around:

    A.  One billion dollars

    B.  65 million dollars

    C.  45 million dollars

    D  20 million dollars

    E.  3 million dollars

The answer is B: 65 million dollars. (The Commissioners vote on a budget in March that is around 45 million dollars. In June and December they vote on adjustments to the budget that bring it up to about 65 million dollars. One of the funds that the City uses to track expenditures is the General Fund. About 20 million dollars of the General Fund is spent each year, and that fund has a 3 million dollar carry-over.)

2. The Codified Ordinances of the City of Sandusky list the City Manager pay range as:

    A.  It is not listed in the Codified Ordinances, the Commission sets the salary

    B.  A multiple of the minimum wage determined by the training and experience of the City Manager

    C.  $84,936 to $127,404

    D.  $100,236 to $150,788

The answer is C: $84,936 to $127,404. (Part 1 Administrative Code)

3. The organizational structure of the City of Sandusky staff is defined by:

    A.  The City Manager

    B.  The Commission

    C.  The Codified Ordinances

    D.  The Law Director

The answer is C: The Codified Ordinances (Part 1 Administrative Code)

4.  The Comprehensive Plan for the City of Sandusky is updated every five years.  The last time that it was updated was:

    A.  2010

    B.  2005

    C.  2000

    D.  1999

The answer is B:  2005.  (On the City of Sandusky website, go to Development, Planning and Zoning, then Comprehensive Plan)

5. Which citizen committee’s decisions have legal weight and can only be overruled by a super majority of the City Commission?

    A.  The Planning Commission

    B.  The Civil Service Commission

    C.  The Tree Commission

    D.  The Board of Zoning Appeals

There are two potential answers.  D: The Board of Zoning Appeals decisions have legal weight and are appealed in a court of law. A: The Planning Commission can be overruled by a super majority of the City Commission.  (The Codified Ordinances explain the formation and duties of the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Planning Commission, I learned from committee members about the appeal process.)

6. The City’s Charter is reviewed every five years. The last time this happened was:

    A.  2005

    B.  2010

    C.  2000

    D.  It has never been reviewed

The answer is B: 2010 (Check the Commission minutes from 2010 to find the committee appointments and the committee recommendations.)

7. In an emergency, such as a deadly weather event or a terrorist attack, who would be in charge of the City?

    A.  The Mayor

    B.  The City Manager

    C.  The Fire Chief

    D.  The Police Chief

    D.  All four

The answer is A: the Mayor (Charter section of the Codified Ordinances.)

8. In an executive session, the Commissioners:

    A.  Can take a “straw poll” to see how the vote in the general session will turn out

    B.  Can discuss any item that they wish to

    C.  Must limit the session to 15 minutes

    D.  Can take minutes

The answer is D: Can take minutes (I discovered this a few years ago when researching the Sunshine Laws.)

9. The program to replace streets that the City of Sandusky generally follows is determined by:

    A.  The Metropolitan Planning Organization

    B.  The University of Toledo Study

    C.  The Comprehensive Plan

    D.  The Chief Planner

    E.  The Head of Engineering

The answer is A: The Metropolitan Planning Organization (I wondered about this for a few years.  The University of Toledo did a study of the City’s streets, and an update of the study.  Each time they made a priority list of streets to be repaired.  Yet, at Commission meetings the Engineering Department kept bringing ordinances for streets to be repaired which were not part of the list.  When asked about it by Commissioners there was no clear answer.  Then one time I noticed that in the Ordinance language there was a reference to the MPO.  I Googled that, and discovered the prioritized list of streets repairs that was being followed.)

10. If seven Commissioners are present, how many votes are needed to pass an agenda item as an emergency:

    A. 4

    B. 5

    C. 6

    D. 7

The answer is B: 5. (Codified Ordinances Charter Section).  


1. Today, (June 13) Wikipedia lists the Mayor and Vice Mayor of the City of Sandusky as:

    A.  John Hamilton and Diedra Cole

    B.  Dan Kaman and John Hamilton

    C.  Craig Stahl and Brett Fuqua

    D.  Jason Andrew Danke and Greg Timothy Clemets

The answer is D: Jason Andrew Danke and Greg Timothy Clements. (I wonder if someone has made a joke?)

A Question for Commentators:

If you would, please try to think about the questions and answers in this column, and discuss whether the City is in compliance with its own ordinances.  If the City is not, does it matter?  

If you don’t want to think about it, go ahead and post your normal stuff.

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