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Don't be a sugardaddy at 35

Eda M. Handly • Jun 19, 2013 at 4:38 PM

Q: I can't stop trying to seek help from untrained, unlicensed people. - Joe 


A: Dear Joe, if the majority of your spare time is spent trolling the Internet and causing unwarranted and unprovoked drama, you may very well be in need of someone who is “trained” and/or “licensed” and quite possibly a prescription for some type of medication.


Q: My girlfriend of only two months has recently started almost forcing herself on me and wanting to be attached to my hip. There is a big age difference and I knew going in, it might be a problem. I’m 35 and she is 23. She doesn’t have much and my gut is telling me maybe she is just looking for someone to take care of her. Either way, it’s too much too fast. I have tried to tell her, but it doesn’t sink in. How do I handle her without being a bad guy?


A: You know the situation better than anyone and if your gut is telling you something isn’t right, you need to follow that instinct. You tried to tell her, but it isn’t sinking in? So, tell her again. Simply say, “I’m breaking up with you, lose my number, and leave me alone.” Then, refuse to answer her calls. That’s pretty cut and dry. If that doesn’t do the trick then you have a bigger problem than expected. Get mean if you have to. Unfortunately, that’s the only language some people understand. They just don’t get it until there is nothing left to do but turn coldhearted. Trust me, if she’s this attached already, you’re going to be the bad guy no matter what you do or say. Do you want her to get the message or do you want to be the “nice guy” who is guilted into being a sugar daddy before you’re even 40? It’s never fun to hurt someone’s feelings, but occasionally there isn’t an alternative, and it has to be done.

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