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11 city projects to track

Register • Jun 18, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Following is a list of updates on what is happening in Sandusky city projects.

Apex Building: Demolition of the building has already started and it will be down soon.

Sandusky Cabinets: Bid specifications have been submitted to the city staff for demolition. The authorization to request bids will come before the city commission for approval within the next month.

Keller Building: Draft bid specifications have been submitted to the city and they are being reviewed. The next step will be requesting authorization to request bids. We hope the city doesn’t have us wait too much longer on this project.

Wisteria Farms Building on Campbell Street: The building has been purchased by a private individual who will handle demolition of the rest of the building.

Coal Docks: Erie Blacktop has requested consideration of an almost decade-long request to purchase city property at the coal docks.

Bus shelters: The design scope is being worked on so materials can go out to bid for the construction of the bus shelters. We hope this happens before the bad weather starts in the fall.

West Side Overpass: The ODOT project is on schedule! We can’t wait for it to be completed!

Bike Week Report: The fire department reported only 19 calls for emergency services and the police department reported that they made 13 arrests. Not bad for all the people who attended.

City Marina: The marina reached full capacity during Bike Week weekend, so it proves holding downtown events are important to filling up the marina.  

Skate Park: Repairs have been made and there is talk about having a skateboard competition in mid-June. The competition would raise funds to support the park. Great idea!

Pavilion: City staff has been corresponding with Trust of Lands to confirm the potential to include mixed use or non-residential activities within the Trust’s proposal to the Community Foundation to prepare a master plan of the area. The Trust proposed planning area extends beyond the pavilion.

Note: For the blogger who is wondering if my information is correct, outside of giving my opinions, which are just my opinions, any facts that I present are always referenced from various public documents, which anyone can request.

Marina Contract: Another blogger asked me where they can get a copy of the marina dockside café contract. Go to the City of Sandusky’s website, click on "city commissioner," and then click on "agenda & minutes." On top of the agenda and minutes highlighted in blue are the 2013 ordinances. Click and scroll down to Ordinance 13-052 dated May 13, and you will be able to see both the ordinance and contract.

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