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Sandusky just plain rude

Register • Jun 11, 2013 at 5:30 AM

There are several concerns about the way city officials rejected a proposal from the county to consider the Erie County Office Building at Columbus Avenue and Washington Row as a potential home for a new Sandusky City Hall. 

The city ignored the invitation without so much as a reply, a telephone conversation or a short chat with county commissioners. 

Nobody at City Hall can say who made the decision to reject the offer; what factors led to it; or how the decision was made. 

Nobody at City Hall — it appears — asked for cost estimates, or estimates of the potential savings there might be when compared to the cost to maintain the current City Hall and add a new courtroom to the building at 222 Meigs St. It seems fiscally irresponsible to city taxpayers not to ask those questions.

But the fact the city offered no response — not so much as an acknowledgement of the invitation — is just plain rude. Rudeness, unfortunately, has become a too-common way city leaders respond to questions, especially difficult ones requiring thoughtful and detailed responses. 

Someone at City Hall — we don't know who — should address that.

The rudeness is the public face of city government; the deeper problem is the compromised and dysfunctional decision-making process the city has adopted. That dysfunction, we fear, will handicap Sandusky's future for years if it is not addressed or is allowed to fester and continue to deteriorate.

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