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Find the balance in business

Matt Morgan • Jun 6, 2013 at 5:13 PM


"Good luck!"

"It must be nice."

Words of honest praise from others who very much mean you well.

The Onion recently reported that according to a recent study, our atmosphere is now composed of 90 percent "thoughts and prayers" due to the amount of tragedy the world has endured, especially in the past few months. Be it in grief or in optimistic hope about something going on, there has to be a way to clear the air and see these things turned into realized action.

While hopefully these weekly posts come across as optimistic and chock full of resources or new ways to think about old concepts, there is still the fact that life isn't always rosy in the business world. How many major firms have gone under as well as ma-n-pas? To bring balance to the Force allow me to share some advice with you.

"You'll probably cry."

"This will strain relationships with friends and family."

"It is not worth it at times."

There. It's been said. Those too have been vented and are floating around the atmosphere. Now we need to do our part for the atmosphere and take more from it than we put in. It's positive and negative, just like electricity. You need both to function correctly.

Emotions are meant to be expressed and getting support from others is a compliment, even if the words are nonspecific. While you may very well expect that you have a nice place, or even have heard it a thousand times, that one new time should excite you. The refreshment should give us motivation to overcome the tears and bouts of uncivil language that often leak from our heads in equal measure. Take the compliment, take the advice, then harness it in a turbine of productivity and thought.

It is tough many times for you to see the good and the bad because you are in the trenches every day. Pound your fist on the stack of bills, choose which one gets paid this month if things are tight, and do what you can to get by. Innovate, energize, collect ideas like a solar panel. Even when it is dark out they still try! Machines don't stop needing power. Your business won't stop needing money. If positivity is scarce read up on the negative to learn a lesson. Keep the pipe (or wire to not cross metaphors) filled at all times.

Remember, too, to take a break and cool off. A blown component does the rest of the machine no good. Vent the good and bad to others to pass along the energy and keep things going. To prime your pump (d'oh, another plumbing reference!) here's a few puffs of air:

Are you sure you should be doing this or working here?

I really like the live plants, they add a nice atmosphere!

Why is it so...dim? Or musty. Or silent. I don't feel comfortable here.

I heard about this new trend, you should look into it. It will compliment what you do well!

That was an unnecessary purchase, are you sure you know what you're doing?

I have a friend who lives in another town and they have NOTHING like this here. You should expand.

Bzzzt! You're now charged and ready for another week. Remember to not dismiss words that are offered to you for both positive and negative ones will fuel your efforts and keep you working. Shed tears or send thank you notes if you must, then get back to it better than you were before and breathing a bit easier now that the air is clear.

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