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Update on 'My girlfriend has a newborn'

Eda M. Handly • Jun 5, 2013 at 3:00 PM

Reaction to Eda’s initial advice:

I'm sorry I haven't commented sooner. I took time and did a little survey on what you said. Things are going great. Today is actually our fourth months together. People have doubted us but together we are amazing. The most outstanding comments on what you said include: "Wow, whoever said that doesn't know [expletive] and she needs to be in a relationship before she can say anything," and many similar comments.

You may just provide advice and for all I know that's just your opinion. I am glad that I did not run away like you suggested. I am blessed to have the relationship that I have. I bet there are many guys that wish they could have a relationship like I do and even one’s who are in a relationship, don't match what I have. I know from what people tell me and this is not some opinion [expletive].



Wow, four whole months with a girl and a newborn baby who isn't yours? I'm sure many guys are so jealous of you. I am glad things are going well for you. Call it whatever you want, but this doesn’t equate to a “relationship.” You don’t even know each other yet. At 21, you don’t even know yourself. I am in a successful relationship that has taken years to accomplish and it's a never-ending effort. Operative word being “years.” A relationship cannot be successful unless you first live your life independently and discover who you are and then discover who the other person is after they have figured out their own identity. Sorry, barely legal and four months of playing house doesn’t cut it. You have yet to even begin. I really hope things work out for you. However, when you're in your early thirties, after dropping out of school due to having a couple more kids to feed and you’re sitting there wondering where in the world you went wrong while surfing sleazy websites like Ashley Madison, I won't say I told you so. Live and learn; that's my motto. You asked for advice, I gave it to you. It's totally your decision to take it or leave it. Common sense and reason will one-day rule over flights of fancy. Oh, one more thing; please don’t drop out of college because you feel you must work your fingers to the bone in order to feed the two extra mouths you’ve acquired. I had to edit your comments extensively. Best of luck!

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