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DeWine should dig deep

Register • Jun 3, 2013 at 7:52 AM

Excerpt: Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine does have something to prove in taking over the Jacob Limberios investigation. This is his opportunity to do that. 

The state's Bureau of Criminal Investigation in the past has been a co-conspirator with local law enforcement agencies when incompetence led to bad decisions and bad outcomes. In 2010, before DeWine was attorney general, BCI, an arm of the AG's office, concluded that a sleeping man killed by Sandusky County deputies at close range might have committed "suicide by cop." 

There are other examples — perhaps less ridiculous but still very serious — that show a pattern and a partnership between BCI and local law enforcement of failure and refusal to acknowledge it or take corrective action. There is a pattern of fatal response. 

DeWine campaigned to become attorney general on a promise to fight corruption. The Limberios investigation by Sandusky County is corrupt if only by the magnitude of incompetence shown by how its been conducted — at nearly every step along the way — from March 2, 2012, right up through last week when a newly appointed judge fired Dean Henry and handed it to DeWine. 

DeWine has something to prove, but he'll prove nothing if he limits the scope of this independent investigation in any way. The community deserves detailed answers why it's taken 15 months to get to this point and what needs to be done to make sure public officials don't behave this way again toward members of the public. No family should be treated this way by public servants.

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