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Ride safe, have fun

Register • May 29, 2013 at 5:30 AM

For some, summer begins when calendars say it does and not a minute sooner. For others, the Memorial Day weekend spells summer. For thousands of motorcycle riders, Ohio Bike Week kickstarts summer. 

Along with the tradition of the city hosting the weekend parade and block party, comes another tradition — the Sandusky Register's Bike Week editorial. This is the Register's wish list for Bike Week 2013.

For the motorcycle riders, safety. Remember the Sandusky area, especially the direct route from Mad River Harley to downtown, is traffic central. In addition to locals visiting the "shoppers mile," tourists unfamiliar with the area are on the way to having a good time at Cedar Point.

For other motorists, alertness. Signs and bumper stickers direct motorists to "Look twice, save a life." Be aware that motorcycles can't stop on a dime like other vehicles.

For crowds, common sense. This party is for everyone. You don't need a motorcycle to be welcome. What you need is the sense to be part of a happy crowd, not of a mob. The motorcycles are more than vehicles to their owners. You can stop to appreciate the work and money that went into these mobile art works, but don't think you can sit on them any more than you would go sit in a stranger's car.

To the police, unobtrusiveness.  Last year the local cops were great —  just the perfect blend of diligence to their duties and the spirit of the occasion.

To area residents, tolerance. Bike week is loud. The only thing louder around here is the positive economic impact on the area. The best way to get over hating the noise of any party is to go to it.

Remember it's only for 10 days out of 365.

For the clean-up crew, efficiency. Last year you were amazing. The day after the party, you could hardly tell it even happened. Keep up the good work.

For everyone, good weather.

Ride safe, have fun and we'll see you next year.

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