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City marina contract premature

Register • May 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM

My topic this week is the city’s marina contract.

Last year the city paid for a vented cooking hood for the private business operating from the marina. This year, we are building a $14,200 pergola for the business. A free dock has also been given to the dock manager for the season. What the city received from this year’s contract was an additional $200 for utilities and trash pickup to the existing $500 that the business pays for rental of the facility. The $500 rental fee is returned back to the manager for his management fee of the marina.

The one-year contract has been changed to a five-year contract. I think the city was a bit premature with the five-year contract. Maybe, the city should have waited until the marina was making a little more money before granting a five-year lease.

Last year, the dumpsters were overflowing and the trash was out of control. More dumpsters had to be supplied and more pickup days had to be added to keep the trash under control. We hope the marina will do better keeping the lids tight on the containers so birds and windy conditions do not take hold of the trash and blow it all over the marina. It is also important to keep the sidewalks and docks free of bird droppings.

A clean marina with a lot of hospitality goes a long way in bringing boaters into the harbor for repeated business. Dock hands need to be alert and ready to assist a boater when the boater arrives at the docks. A welcome package should be available to each boater telling them where the boater can eat and be entertained. Dock hands wearing bright colored shirts should be visible so boaters know who they can approach for assistance.

Until next week, with seasonal dockage available for the first time this year, let’s hope that the marina has a successful season this year.

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