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Waterfront proposal has merit

Register • May 27, 2013 at 7:30 AM

Excerpt: The city has allowed the Sandusky Bay Pavilion (former Surf's Up) waterfront property to be neglected for a decade.

We can't understand why there has been no action from city commissioners to put this property into a condition city officials and residents can be proud to own.

The decrepit state it has been allowed to be for so many years makes it difficult to expect the city can enforce its own building code and residential standards for property owners when it cannot even properly manage it's own property. 

We hope the majority coalition on commission can get past the internal squabbling that's been the hallmark of this commission term the last 17 months and give the suggestion BGSU might consider an education center and partnerships at the property with local schools a fair review work in the seach for a solution to this long-neglected problem.

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