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The good news of geek culture

Matt Morgan • May 16, 2013 at 3:00 PM

Hey, come around this blog often? I could always use a friend along for the ride. We are taking a bit of a side trip from the business district out into the countryside.

Why? We need a break every once in a while and you do, too, as an employee or owner alike. It renews you, allows you to focus, and flushes out stale thought clouds to replace them with fresh ideas. As we leave your place of business behind us, let's reminisce a bit, chit-chat, and loosen the tie ... or whatever else it is you wear.

Roll down the window, it's nice out.

You've probably heard that there are a lot of comic-based movies coming out as well as ones that fall within that sci-fi/fantasy genre (Star Trek: Into Darkness, for example). Why do you think that is? Now, now, no business stuff! So leave talk of marketing and profit back in the office — we're on sabbatical.

Huh ... never saw that house before, isn't it neat?

You are right in that there's a nostalgia aspect to this as many of us are at least familiar with the heroes and villains portrayed let alone versed in its "canon." Another opinion is that this kind of stuff is now mainstream culture, or more accepted than it ever has been at the very least. There's also a challenge to the film crew to see if they can do a good job with the property as well, a kind of cinematic rubbernecking that then will invoke all manner of water cooler/social media chatter. Best of all, it can be our guilty pleasure. You know who you are. Is what they get from it what you got, too?

Mind if I turn the radio down?

More importantly, comics and games are woven into our culture as many titles (especially in the past decade) have been more thematic than episodic. The characters aren't campy excuses for exposition. Their exploits, foibles, and triumphs are reflective of the times we live in. As if looking through a glass, darkly. Universal storytelling has been a core component of epic poems through current trade paperbacks. Especially in the rough times we are in, entertainment is most needed for its escapism, enlightenment, and encouragement. Oh, entertainment, too. Let's get a forth "E" in there to avoid infringing on a major video game industry convention.

Now how about that view, eh? Trees blooming to greet the sun and a nice breeze blowing past.

We as human beings are differentiated from the other animals perhaps by opposable thumbs, but also because we are the only species who are capable of storytelling. It is hardwired into us which is why we have been doing it since our earliest days in the fertile crescent. Our histories are related through story. Parables, literally, are stories. We have story math problems even! Think of the copious amounts of metaphors we use, which are like grains of sand on a simile beach.

Time to head back, finish taking your glimpses and pictures. Buckle up, too, you know my car will never let you hear the end of it if you don't.

Ah what a day in which we live when we are better embracing ourselves as storytellers, especially when it isn't just those companies with major resources that can create sustainable products. There are many indie successes across the board. Look at Minecraft as a gaming example then all the small but no less fun titles you can buy through Steam and other services. The Walking Dead is a good comic example with a plethora of others found online (I can supply you a list of favorite webcomics if you'd like). You too can get your story out in a way that is easier than ever as well as indulge in others' for inspiration of the thematic spirit we all possess.

It's a shame we're almost back. The open lands that gave way to houses is now turning into a lot more concrete, brick, and mortar. It has its own beauty though I suppose. Have you thought about climbing that fire escape, too?

This is what it means to be a true "geek" in today's terms. Not just your good deeds, but your understanding of the message. You really have to be able to appreciate a good story ... and make sure you pick it apart with your friends even if it was at the top of your list! Push up your black-rimmed glasses with pride and explore the strange, unique, and sometimes unbelievable to see if it is something you truly can accept. Then you are left with but one task. Go out into the world to spread the word.

Thanks for riding with me. Be sure you move the seat belt before you close the do- *Kk-thunk*

Uh. Nevermind...

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