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Coaster fan: New ride a 'solid 8'

Tom Jackson • May 9, 2013 at 10:54 AM

I enjoyed Cedar Point's new GateKeeper ride. As I prepared to get on board, I fleetingly wondered if I could get away with chickening out. That's always a good sign.

But I thought it was important to see what the real coaster fans thought. So I talked to them.

Paul Wetzel, 50, Bowling Green, was there with his sons Michael, 18, and Benjamin, 13. All are members of the Great Ohio Coaster Club, and when I asked how often they came  to Cedar Point last summer, they laughed. 

"Between 25 and 30. I lost count last year," Paul Wetzel said.

The verdict?

"It's a blast. It's a lot of fun," Paul said.

"It's an awesome ride," Michael said.

"It's pretty awesome," said Ben.

I also talked to Bob Meluch, 63, Parma, and David Behmer, 41, Strongsville. They are members of American Coaster Enthusiasts. 

"I'd give it a solid 8," Behmer said. "My favorite is Milennium Force."

"I enjoyed the ride," Meluch said. "Is it an 8? Yeah."

As for myself, I thought the beginning of the ride was particularly good. If you're tall, try to sit on the outside. The ride is designed to make you feel you're about to be decapitated by one of the girders. 

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