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Judges react differently to 'debtors' prison' allegation

Register • Apr 21, 2013 at 8:30 AM

Excerpt: Despite the discomfort the judicial community may have with responding the ACLU's charges, judges have an obligation to review and, if necessary, reform their policies to ensure that justice is indeed carried out in a fair and responsible manner.

Sandusky Municipal Court Judge Erich O'Brien has heard the ACLU's charges and halted issuing any arrest warrants for unpaid fines while beginning a review the court's practices and policies. On the other hand,  Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge has refused to even discuss the ACLU's concerns, which is a slap to the community he serves.

O'Brien's response seems appropriate. 

Ridge's refusal to comment is non-responsive, and not responsible, to the public he serves. 

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