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Don't panic yet, Tribe fans

Tom Jackson • Apr 10, 2013 at 10:39 AM

The Indians obviously looked pretty bad against the New York Yankees Monday and Tuesday, but it's too early to despair.


I would not have taken the route Chris Antonetti took to rebuild the Indians; I would have concentrated on starting pitching and made position players a secondary concern, rather than the other way around.


On Feb. 4, I posed a comment on Facebook about a Terry Pluto column on Terry Francona's new book. I wrote, "Terry, your column says the Red Sox were more interested in exciting the fans than making good baseball decisions. Is that a good description of what the Indians have done in the off season? We have a bunch of home run hitters, but no starting pitching."


Pluto replied, "They traded for Bauer and signed Myers, that's 2 starters. No, read the book..." 


I like the Bauer trade, too, but I notice that in today's Plain Dealer, Pluto seems a bit disillusioned with Myers. 


Still, it's not as if the Indians have no strategy. It seems to me that Antonetti and his manager, Terry Francona, have planned all along to bring in a bunch of pitchers and figure out during the regular season what the starting rotation should be. Scott Kazmir will get his chance soon, and the Columbus Clippers have pitchers such as Trevor Bauer, Daisuke Matsusaka, David Huff and Corey Kluber all waiting for their chance. There are other options to try.


If the strategy of trying starters until we find five decent ones actually works -- and admittedly, that's a big if -- the Indians could finish the season better than when they started. That would be a nice change over recent seasons. 


Incidentally, Antonetti has to be a bit nervous these days. After firing Manny Acta and hiring Francona, he can't blame the manager if the Indians lose. He also can't complain that the owners won't let him spend any money. If the Indians still lose, it's on Antonetti. 

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