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Free music alert

Tom Jackson • Apr 2, 2013 at 5:37 PM

The suicide of Internet activist Aaron Swartz (I wrote about the case here) has spawned a number of projects. 

One of the most interesting is this music tribute page which seeks to make 100 albums available for legal, free download to everyone, under the terms of the Creative Commons license. 

The effort is being organized by electronic musician Jairus Khan, who says, "I'm hoping to get 100 albums licensed. 100 albums that used to be illegal to copy, now available for fans to share forever. 100 pieces of art you don't need to pay to access.

"The albums all have to be:


"Commercially available at some point (out of print is fine)

Not already released under any prior CC/GPL/etc license

That's it. I'm not including albums that are already available under a Creative Commons license (like my own) because this is specifically about taking existing art and giving the public new rights to it."


So far, there are 31 albums available. After reading descriptions of the music, I downloaded and tried the "Cloth Ears" album by artist Mister Fusty. It was good pop music, kind of reminiscent of Paul McCartney's solo albums. I haven't had time to consumer test the other albums.


I Tweeted Khan to ask when more music will be available, and he replied that more albums will be posted today or tomorrow. 

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