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Forgetting victims

Matt Westerhold • Apr 1, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Excerpt from Monday's local editorial in the Register: It happens too often. It happens daily. 

It's still disturbing when we read news articles like one published last week in the Register about "Liza," who waited 14 months before the man she accused of rape was arrested. 

A convicted sex offender, the suspect was able to remain free for more than a year and then remained in jail just two weeks before being released on bond. For Liza, it's been a nightmare of fear, doubt and not knowing whether he would ever be arrested. Now that he's been released, the fear of the unknown is back, for her. 

We would never advocate for diminished rights of the accused. We do, however, advocate for victims rights, and simply cannot understand why the Sandusky County prosecutor's office and its victims assistance wing offered "Liza" little help, or why she never even got a return phone call from county advocates when she was seeking help. 

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