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Opinion: Dean Henry should step down from Limberios probe

Matt Westerhold • Mar 25, 2013 at 3:00 AM

Special prosecutor Dean Henry's investigation of the March 2012 death of Jacob Limberios is dragging on and Henry's not talking. He refuses to say why the investigation remains incomplete or when it will be finished. 

Henry, and other county officials have suggested that one problem has been the reporting done by the Register. Henry has called it unprofessional, the same word he used to describe the Limberios family attorney. Perhaps he sees himself as some sort of expert in these areas. 

But it's been nearly 13 months since Jacob Limberios was killed, and Sandusky County officials still have not provided a plausible explanation as to how he died. Henry hasn't made any discernable progress in months, and it's simply difficult to fathom what a reasonable and professional explanation would be for the long delay.

Henry and other county officials also have not provided a reasonable reply to questions regarding decisions made by officials to discard evidence, to neglect to collect evidence, the incongruent statements from them and a host of other problems with this investigation. 

The concern is it won't be possible for Henry to issue an independent report that is accurate due to the incredible missteps by Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer, coroner John Wukie and prosecutor Tom Stierwalt. Henry is representing those same men in a civil lawsuit related to Limberios' death, so he has a vested interest in portraying their roles in the initial botched investigation in the most positive light possible in the current criminal investigation he also heads up. 

It makes no sense for Henry to be leading both the defense in the lawsuit and the "independent" criminal investigation. Henry should step down from one, or both roles. It's time to give up the ghost and hand this off to a truly independent and competent agency so that it can be brought to a conclusion. 

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