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Lawyers, Laurel and Hardy

Register • Mar 19, 2013 at 11:30 AM

An old movie phrase from Laurel and Hardy comes to mind when we think of the service a private law firm rendered to the Huron school board. 

"This is another fine mess you've gotten me into."

We expressed concern early on, at the start of the investigation of Fred Fox, that government bodies hiring private law firms can be a recipe for disaster. In this case, it appears Godzilla arrived. 

The promise to the Huron school board early in 2012 from the Akron-based Markling law firm was 10 free hours of legal work. The result was a $90,000 paycheck for Markling, and a school district left in disarray. 

Hopefully, Tuesday will mark a new beginning for Huron Schools as the school board votes, or at least a beginning to an end, but we hope the lesson to beware the lawyers is not lost on this board, or other local governments.

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