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Ard challenged by Sandusky budget and finance committee

Anonymous • Mar 17, 2013 at 10:28 AM

Members of the city commission's appointed finance committee have told city manager Nicole Ard to put a the city's 2013 budget plan in writing, but she has not done that or provided the committee with budget alternatives should revenues not meet the projections. As one committee member said, her current revenue projections assume every day will be a sunny day during tourist season and Cedar Point will have the same record attendance it did in 2012. 

Excerpt from Viewpoint editorial in today's Sunday Register

Committee members also want to know Ard's Plan B budget should their be some rainy days that result in less revenue, or other factors occur that result in revenues below the sunny projections Ard has forecast. But she hasn't provided a Plan A, or Plan B, or any plan the committee will accept, and it has refused sign off on the disjointed balance sheets she she did provide.       

City commissioners too will have difficult choices from among the mishmash of information. The commission supervises a handful of charter employees, while the city manager is in charge of all other employees. Commissioners cannot make an informed decisions if they aren't — hmm — informed. 

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