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Students give pies to their teachers on π day (with video)

Jason Werling • Mar 16, 2013 at 11:22 AM

What a heartwarming sight it was earlier this week when several students from the Sandusky Middle School and Margaretta Elementary School gave pie to their teachers with many of their students watching the "giving" nature of their classmates.

Fifth-grade students at Margaretta Elementary raised enough money, $100, to kindly give seven pies to their teachers and principal. The money will be used for the class's graduation ceremony. Photos of the event can be found by clicking HERE.

Two students at Sandusky Middle School earned the opportunity to give their teacher a pie through the school's student rewards program and then chose the teacher to which they would give the pie to. Photos of that event can be found by clicking HERE.

A video of the delivery of the pies can be watched in the player to the right. A special thanks to Sandusky Middle School teacher Lee Bach and Margaretta Elementary principal Lynn Hurd for wearing a GoPro camera during the charitable events.

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