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Women hate Hooters, Palin loves Christmas

Jessica Cuffman • Mar 12, 2013 at 3:40 PM

For today, a sampling of news from my favorite feminist websites: Sarah Palin, class rage, cannibal cop, and Hooters, not necessarily in that order.


Headline: Hooter's embarrassing plan to appeal to the ladies is sort of working

(Insert eye roll here).

The snarkies at Jezebel nail it though, at least in my opinion.

"According to a recent consumer report, women now hate Hooters slightly less than they used to though they still really … hate it."

If salty language is offensive to you, be warned, Jezebel writers use it freely. Read their take and the consumer report HERE.


Next up: I really, really hate to give Sarah Palin any attention. At all.

But it's like a moth to a flame: Almost an uncontrollable urge even as I fight my fingers flying across the keyboard.

The best I can do is try to keep it short.

Salon.com and the Associated Press report she is writing a book about the "War on Christmas."

For Pete's sake.

First of all, does anyone care anymore about what Sarah Palin has to say? I ask that question in sarcasm, but if someone does care, I don't really want to know.

Apparently, the premise of her book is her defense of Christmas from the attacks of "politically correct Scrooges."

It'll be everything I can do to not pick up the book off the shelf when it comes out, just to browse it. I really should make the time to read one I picked up in the bargain bin: Going Rogue: Sarah Palin, An American Nightmare.


Great piece HERE by Jezebel's Tracy Moore, on daily occurrences that trigger "class rage."

An excerpt: "We probably seem painfully ordinary or even invisible. We are middle-class-looking people (or 'better') who drive unremarkable but reliable cars, usually conjugate verbs correctly and probably went to college…"

"But underneath our passable exteriors, we know that every step forged ahead, every job secured, every bit of debt reduced, every entree into 'better society' is another million light years away from what we lived like before, when were grateful for SPAM, food stamps, and a dental program."

I encourage you to take a look. I can't claim to have ever been anything but middle class, short of "college poor." But my life experience, including stories from my father, programs I've volunteered with, classes I've taken, and dozens of people I've interviewed, validate everything she says in her blog about her perspective of poverty — and its relativeness.


Finally, "Cannibal Cop," what? Somehow I missed this story until today. AP story via Los Angeles Times, HERE.

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