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Taxpayers: Get to the polls

Anonymous • Mar 12, 2013 at 11:00 AM

My topic this week is how Perkins Township has paid for their new township hall.

I couldn’t help read the article about Perkins Township moving to their new building and how they paid for it. The leadership claims the hall is debt free. It may be so but at what sacrifice to the taxpayers? Perkins Township is now facing a $1 million deficit. They are cutting staff and placing a whopping 5.5-mill levy on the ballot for police.

Perkins is a prime example of what is yet to come for Sandusky if Sandusky decides to move City Hall. Entities just jump into projects and think the safety net is there for the taxpayer to pick up the financial short falls. Granted, some budget problems are caused by the federal and state government cuts but some entities are inflicting their own pain.

The taxpayers are struggling to keep their personal budgets under control. We feel that we cannot support entities that do not realize the limits of their own budgets. The economy is such that taxpayer support will not be sustainable. In addition to the government entities asking for tax increases, the schools have their hand out as well. In fact, the school levies in the area are simply out of control.

I would like to remind everyone that there are $6 million of uncollected property taxes just in Sandusky alone and a total of $12 million of uncollected property taxes for all of Erie County which has yet to be distributed to the rightful schools and entities. Some entities are starting to collect the back taxes in order get the properties moving back on the tax rolls, but it is a slow process. There are other instances where people are allowed to stretch out their tax payments but even that must not become a permanent arrangement. The uncollected money just places more of a burden on the taxpayers to pick up the slack of property owners who are not paying their fair share of taxes.

Any relief from the anxiety of having to pay out taxes is that the entity has to come to the taxpayer in the way of obtaining a vote when soliciting large sums of money from us. The entity starts to wonder if the taxpayer is really going to be gullible enough to cover the financial shortfalls.

Until next week, make the effort to get to the polls to cast your vote for how you would like your tax dollars spent and not how elected officials would like to spend the money for you.

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