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Note to Legislators: Kill Kasich tax plan

Anonymous • Mar 6, 2013 at 7:40 AM

Excerpt from today's Register editorial Viewpoint:

With our local economy supported by tourism, Gov. John Kasich’s tax plan is clearly going to lead to fewer jobs for the Lake Erie Shores & Islands region. With gas prices already at near record highs, more state taxes would put a huge hurt on local businesses that directly and indirectly rely on discretionary income from tourists.

The American Society of Travel Agents Mid-America Chapter is one of the many industry groups decrying Kasich’s tax plan as counterproductive.

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The travel agents society says the tax would increase the cost of doing business and increase the cost of travel to Ohio by sending “a profoundly anti-tourism message at a time when the state is competing fiercely with neighboring states for out-of-state tourist dollars.”

We can’t agree more.

Ohio’s tourism industry has been growing steadily and has proved somewhat recession proof as families from throughout the Midwest have made the Lake Erie Shores & Islands region their vacation destination. Making such vacations more expensive for families already with stretched budgets is equivalent to hanging a “No vacancy” sign on billboards on every major highway throughout the state.

We encourage residents to contact their local representatives and the governor’s office as well to tell Mr. Kasich that his tax plan is bad business for Ohio.

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