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You're doing it wrong...dropping the kids off at school

Jason Werling • Mar 4, 2013 at 4:35 PM

Why are they are honking? If you have a child that doesn't ride the bus and doesn't walk to school, you might be doing it wrong.

I found out the hard way a couple years ago when I first dropped off my son Will at Furry Elementary for his first day of kindergarten. I also picked him up from school the same day. That was the first day I waited in line to pick him up from school and the last day I waited in line to pick him up from school. More than 30 cars fill the surrounding streets and then file into the parking lot with some of the drivers getting there an hour before the kids are released. If you are one of these parents, what do you do during that time? Catch up on NPR radio? Work from your car? Knit?

A story is published in today's Sandusky Register about the traffic jams that occur when parents drop off and pick up their children at different schools in the area. The less kids that ride the bus, the more cars in the parking lots and neighborhood streets surrounding the schools. I understand that some parents don't want their kids to ride the bus, but you would think enough parents could work out a carpooling situation that fits their schedule with another parent or two. I see plenty of vehicles with one kid in the car that probably wouldn't mind having company during the daily commute.

Some people may have an extra hour to get in line for the chance to be the first pick up their children at school, but I'm not one of them. I know the first time I dropped off my boys at Furry and Meadowlawn schools, I felt like Michael Keaton in the clip below...

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