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Job well done, Mr. Kazmierczak

Anonymous • Mar 3, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in Monday's Register: 

Since Thomas Kazmierczak arrived in Sandusky to become its executive director five years ago, it's seemed as though the footlights never dimmed inside the State Theatre. He's brought live musicals, plays, concerts, children's theatre, performance education programs and partnerships with practically any person or organization he ever talked with since taking over as director.

Click here to watch a 'Between the Lines' interview with Kazmierczak.

He also brought back movies to the old movie house.  

Kazmierczak credits the benefactors and supporters of the State Theatre, the community, area businesses and everyone else for the success that's happened and is being sustained. 

We credit him, and the State Theatre board that selected Kazmierczak for the job. Whatever was done right in that hiring process needs to be duplicated this time around as the board considers a replacement for Kazmierczak.

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