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Laws that apply to everyone but Congress

Tom Jackson • Feb 26, 2013 at 2:41 PM

Have you run out of reasons to be irritated with Congress?

Nope, me neither, but here's another infuriating article: A piece at ProPublica, the "journalism in the public interest" website, on all of the federal laws that apply to everyone else but don't apply to Congress.


The one that particularly bothers me is the exemption to complying with the Freedom of Information Act. Members of the public can request public records from nearly every federal agency, but can't get them from members of the House or the Senate.


Here's a couple of sentences from the ProPublica piece on how well Congress complies with the laws that do supposedly apply to it: "The sidewalks surrounding the three House office buildings ... don’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Neither do the restrooms in the House and Senate office buildings and the Library of Congress’ James Madison Building."


ProPublica, by the way, is a must read if you are a serious news junkie. Nothing about the Kardashians, but lots of articles on drone strikes, fracking, health care, voting rights and other hot topics. There are ProPublica apps available for your favorite MacIntosh or Android device. 


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