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For Sandusky supervisor it's one strike, you're out

Matt Westerhold • Feb 13, 2013 at 7:11 AM

Scott Miller, the city worker fired by city manager Nicole Ard for alleged "dishonesty" after 21 years with the city with an unblemished record, thinks he got a raw deal.

He did, in my opinion.

The city manager, who has been on job for about 14 months and has apparently failed to achieve every job goal she was assigned, took this small mistake and blew it up way out of proportion.

Scott Miller has a record as a good employee that spans more than two decades. He's the employee who turned in another city worker who was stealing gas from the city for his personal vehicle. Miller did not turn a blind eye to that incident. 

Ard would better serve the city if she'd focus on her own job goals and try to keep things in perspective. The city's anticipated $500,000 deficit budget for this year seems to be a much higher priority  than documenting a mistake that cost the city less than $900. And city commissioners would better serve the city by holding her to those worthy goals.

Remember how self-righteous city manager Matt Kline was when he fired former Sandusky police chief Kim Nuesse for her "alleged dishonesty." In Register editorials and in this blog/column, we suggested from the very beginning that Kline was not providing an accurate description of his motives and of what had occurred to prompt him to fire Nuesse. It took city commissioners a year or more, however, before they saw the serious flaws in Kline's performance and fired him by a unanimous vote.

Of course taxpayers spent upwards of $1 million to defend Kline's actions before they fired him.

This situation is much different than that debacle, but does anyone have Judge Joseph Cirigliano's phone number? 

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