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An old love interest is trying to break up my relationship

Anonymous • Feb 6, 2013 at 3:10 PM

Q: I am 18 and in a very happy relationship with my 19-year-old girlfriend. We love each other very much and we can see a future ahead of us after school. There is a problem though. About a year and a half ago, I was "talking" to another girl who knows the girl I am dating now, and we had gotten really close. She calls me her best friend, but I sense more than that right now. Now this girl had led me on for a long time because she had an issue with choosing what she wants, and had been talking to other guys. I got out of that no problem because I didn't want to have to compete with another guy or two. But now, almost a year into my current relationship, she is back in full force. I get the "good morning" texts every morning and "good night" every night. The thing is, the girl I am currently in a relationship and the other girl used to be friends, and my relationship now has caused major conflict between the two. As the man in this relationship, I pledged to be faithful. I don't want the other girl, but she has totally different thoughts of it, as if she is trying to ruin my relationship. How do I handle this without further conflicts in the long run?

A: Ah, yes, it’s the old “I don’t want you until you’re taken” routine. You’re not the first nice guy to be led on and cast aside like last years trend so princess can explore her options. Only problem is, once she finds you’re no longer up for grabs, you become much more attractive. It’s not even as if she discovered she made a terrible mistake by letting you slip through her greedy little fingers; she’s in it for the mere challenge.  This is all a vicious game of chess to defeat and conquer her “friend” and you’re simply the pawn. I commend you for staying true to your girlfriend like a good man should. Now, it’s time to put this other girl in her place and let her know exactly where she stands. You can’t allow her to continue to text you and carry on like she is; it’s inappropriate, uncalled for, and your girl wouldn’t approve I’m sure. So, begin by asking her politely not to text you and tell her there is no longer anything between the two of you, nor is there a possibility in the future; you have a girlfriend. But I forewarn you, she likely won’t give up without a fight. If this happens you simply change your strategy and be ready to defend your queen as any knight would.


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