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Write your Congressman

Tom Jackson • Feb 4, 2013 at 4:39 PM

Here's how to contact the folks who represent you in Washington, D.C.


Note that even if you don't have an issue to discuss with them, having the contact information can be handy for other reasons. 


All lawmakers will help you deal with a federal agency, get you tickets for tours of the White House and the Capitol Building, sell you a flag that has flown over the Capitol and discuss getting your son or daughter an appointment at a service academy. Constituent service is a big part of what they do.


I spoke to our Internet Czarina, Sarah Weber, and she says this listing should be accessible anytime for anyone who searches the site for "Write your Congressman." The search form is hidden behind the magnifying glass at the top right of the page.


I'll do a "write your legislator" item soon for contacting Sen. Randy Gardner, Rep. Chris Redfern, etc. Honestly, you can find contact information for any official with a simple Google search, e.g. "Attorney General Mike DeWine."


The U.S. Senate


713 Hart Senate Office Bldg.

Washington, DC 20510

tel (202) 224-2315

fax (202) 228-6321

Email Senator Brown (click the link for a form)


338 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Phone: 202-224-3353

Email Sen. Portman (click the link for a form)


Brown is a Democrat and Portman is a Republican. You can learn a lot about the issues they are involved in by following them on the Internet or in social media; they both have email newsletters, they're on Twitter, etc.


2186 Rayburn Bldg. 

Washington, DC 20515 

Tel : (202) 225-4146 

Fax: (202) 225-7711 


1524 Longworth House Office Bldg

Washington, D.C. 20515

T (202) 225-2676 F (202) 226-0577


Brown and Kaptur are Democrats; Portman and Jordan are Republicans. You can learn a lot about the issues they are involved in by following them on the Internet or in social media; they all have email newsletters, they're on Twitter, they're on Facebook, etc.


All of the lawmakers have Ohio offices; Google their Web sites for details.


If  you are confused about whether you live in Kaptur's district or Jordan's district, try checking the district maps at their Web sites. Jordan's Web site has a particularly detailed map. Jordan's email contact form only accepts emails from constituents (you have to enter your ZIP code).


Brown and Portman each represent the entire state, of course, so they both have to take your calls, read your messages, etc.

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