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Twin sons of different mothers?

Tom Jackson • Jan 21, 2013 at 2:50 PM

Chris Redfern may be a familiar face in Port Clinton and Sandusky, but when he ventures into Cleveland, he’s often mistaken for somebody else.

On Jan. 14 the Cleveland Plain Dealer ran an article about Ed FitzGerald, who is Cuyahoga County’s chief executive and is contemplating a Democratic race for governor. The article related how FitzGerald had been mistaken for Redfern during a trip to Columbus.

Redfern, a state representative and the chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, said that when he was attending a funeral last fall, he was approached by a man who complained about parking in downtown Cleveland near the county administration building. Redfern played along, offering to move his car and give up his space whenever the man liked, then admitted that he isn’t FitzGerald.

Redfern said many people apparently think the two men resemble each other.

“It’s something I hear a lot when I’m in Cleveland,” he said. “It does happen a lot.”

FitzGerald has explained that it’s easy to tell the two apart, since FitzGerald is the one who usually wears a necktie.

That’s true, Redfern said.

“I don’t look for an excuse to wear a necktie,” he said.

But Redfern said there’s another way to tell the difference.

“I’m the better looking of the two,” he deadpanned.

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