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City blows snow removal?

Matt Westerhold • Dec 27, 2012 at 1:05 PM

A long-time Register employee arrived at work earlier today expressing a thought he's shared almost every year about this time. 

"I see nobody told the city of Sandusky there was snow on the way," he said. 

As I look out to the windows down at Jackson and Market streets, it indeed does appear that nobody mentioned to city workers that it snowed. The employee and others who drive into town from other parts in the county swear that every community does snow removal better than Sandusky. Given the city government's inability to get just about anything right it's difficult to argue against the point. And seeing the ice crusted city streets below the news building nearly 24 hours after the snow began falling gives validity to the criticism.

But I'm not sure. My commute does not go outside the city. Perhaps I'm just too familiar with the snow-filled streets in Sandusky.

What do you think? Is the city's snow removal substandard? Are other area communities better at tackling this task? 


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