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Celebrity cat Cosmo has died

Tom Jackson • Dec 13, 2012 at 5:21 PM

The nicest cat I ever met has died.


Cosmo the therapy cat was something of a local celebrity, notable because because he was taken to visit patients at the hospital and because he was chosen as "Mr. March" for TV weatherman Dick Goddard's 2008 weather calendar. I wrote about him more than once.


Let's face it, "nice cat" can sound like an oxymoron. There are many therapy dogs, but few therapy cats. A certified therapy animal has to demonstrate that it is unruffled by sound and touching.


The always good-natured Cosmo had retired from the therapy business and was living in Norwalk with his owner, Janet Freehling. Cosmo died on Dec. 6 after a short illness, Freehling reports.

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