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What will happen to the Plain Dealer?

Tom Jackson • Nov 20, 2012 at 9:25 AM

I live in the Cleveland area and I get the Cleveland Plain Dealer delivered to my home seven days a week. But how long will that last?


Advance Publications — the company that owns the PD and local community weeklies in metropolitan Cleveland — has cut other newspapers it owns to a three days a week publication schedule. 


This has naturally given rise to fears that Cleveland PD subscribers will get the same treatment. The Newspaper Guild, i.e. the union that represents the paper's reporters, has raised the issue in a newspaper ad. The same folks also have set up a Twitter account (which I follow). There's also a Facebook page.


The PD's publisher and editor responded to the speculation by publishing a letter on page one of the Sunday PD. The letter, remarkably free of any actual information, said only that the paper will announce a decision on its plans soon.


Incidentally, the Sandusky Register plans to keep publishing its paper edition seven days a week, even as we expand aggressively into the digital realm.


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