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Politics is rotten

Matt Westerhold • Oct 28, 2012 at 9:39 AM

But the Democratic Party mailer, in my opinion, wrongfully and deceptively suggests the Register's editorial board favors Erie County treasurer JoDee Fantozz, the incumbent Democrat, in her race against Republican Jeff Krabill, by quoting statements made by a Krabill political foe and attributing them to the Register. 

It's deceptive. It's underhanded. It's intellectual property used entirely out of context to deceive others. It's sleazy. Chris Redfern is the chair of the Ohio Democratic Party. He's also a candidate for the 89th District statehouse seat being vacated by fellow Democrat Dennis Murray Jr. – his safe seat – the one Redfern was first elected in 1999.

All politics is rotten.


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