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Pirates in Sandusky? Check them out, if you dare.

Jason Werling • Oct 17, 2012 at 9:50 PM

Sycamore Line has a new boathouse, but beware of the crew.

A drive down Sandusky's Sycamore Line will take you all the way into the boathouse community and cove area, but before you get there watch out for the cannons pointed from the porch at 718 Sycamore Line.

Michael Young, with the help of friend David Chew, has been adding pirates to his porch-turned-ship for several years and it is definitely worth a visit with or without kids. My two boys, Will and Payton, were excited to see the display, but once I tuned the radio to 107.7 FM and they heard the sound effects associated with the display, they were scared and ready to go home. We stayed for a bit longer.

You may be familiar with the display as it is also decorated for the holiday season with a light display coordinated with music. That setup will begin once the Halloween season is over. So check it out, if you dare, and make a day of it. A drive down U.S. 250 will take you to the Lake Eerie Fearfest at Ghostly Manor, past the Sycamore Line Pirate Porch and then to Halloweekends at Cedar Point, there are only two more weekends left.

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