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Residents forced to be more vigilant on trees

Anonymous • Sep 25, 2012 at 11:32 AM

It seems the trees are in the forefront once again. If anyone has a question about a tree, always call the city and they will put you in touch with someone who can walk you through the process.  

Long ago, the city did the trimming and cutting down of boulevard trees.  I know because I had two of my boulevard trees taken down by the city.  One tree almost killed someone before they took it down, which I begged and begged for the city to take down.  They said my public tree was all right but obviously it wasn’t.  It was a sunny day with no wind and the big tree limb fell down across the street and onto the sidewalk area for no reason. It becomes a little concerning when weather is not a factor for a tree falling when it was tree rot instead. Sometimes it is difficult to pick up on the clues that your tree is rotting from the inside out and all of a sudden you hear a crash.

It seems from what the city is telling us, the tree law changed and the city is no longer responsible for the trees, but the city gives us mixed signals when you drive around town and see them taking trees down.  From what I understand, the city is responsible only if the tree decides to fall into the roadway. The city’s website has the Code of Ordinances, which tells you all you need to know about trees. There are strict rules and penalties in regards to approaching any tree for removal or trimming.  

Since the burden is now on the homeowner, trees will be left standing rotting away until they fall on their own.  People cannot afford to take down a tree because it is very expensive.  I once got a quote on my small tree and it was about a $1,000 to remove the whole tree.  Fortunately for me, the city reconstructed my street and the city ended up having to take down all the trees on the street.

Until next time, do your homework when looking to take down a tree and always obtain documentation throughout the whole process because you never know when the documentation will come in handy.  


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