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BLOG: Death of a composer

Tom Jackson • Sep 14, 2012 at 1:12 PM

People who listen to classical music seriously are a minority. If you spend time listening to music written by living composers, you're part of a minority within a minority.

But there are good modern composers. John Adams is one, Steve Reich is another, and so was my personal favorite, William Duckworth, who died Thursday after a struggle with cancer.

Duckworth was best known for "The Time Curve Preludes," 24 short piano pieces, mysterious and meditative, which have been recorded three times. Listen to a stream of the latest recording here.

Here's a live rendition of one of the preludes by a beautiful, dreadlocked violinist, Ritsu Katsumata:

Musicologist Kyle Gann (formerly of the "Village Voice") posted an obituary for Duckworth. NPR also posted an excellent piece.

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