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BLOG: A comic book 'Abomination' from Sandusky

Tom Jackson • Sep 10, 2012 at 3:59 PM

If a mad scientist is someone who creates a misbegotten artificial creature, what do you call the guy who created the mad scientist?

If you live in Sandusky, you can call him "Steven King." He's co-created a new comic book, "The Abominations of Science," a "48 page first issue spectacular" that reflects a love of horror and B movies. He is a Sandusky native, who should not be confused with a guy from Maine named "Stephen King." Our Steve King uses the byline "S. Louis King" for his comic book efforts.

Mr. King's "Abominations" will sell at a list price for $5, but if you pledge five bucks for his Kickstarter project, an autographed copy will arrive in your mailbox.

Meanwhile, here is Mr. King's hilarious video promoting the project:

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