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Road Trip: Ohio 4, Two homes from the road

Jason Werling • Sep 5, 2012 at 4:36 PM

Yes, the Road Trip on Ohio 4 was in June. And yes, it is now September. And yes, I have been pretty busy since then. But here is the update I promised on the two homes on Ohio 4.

There were two homes on the trip, click HERE and HERE if you missed it, that I found interesting. The first home is in Reedtown and looks like an old farm home. It was probably a grand place to live before the years of neglect left it in the shape it is now. A rounded porch has since fallen off or has been removed, but I always thought it was an interesting house ever time I would travel that way on Ohio 4.

This was sent to me by St. Mary Central Catholic graduate and former Register photo shadow Erin McLaughlin about her great-grandfather William Hahl's home in Reedtown...

The house on Rt. 4 in Reedtown with the round porch was owned by Francis (Frank) and Mary Hahl who were married at Reed Assumption Catholic Church in 1893. They had three children: Leo, Loretta and William. The house was eventually owned by a son of Loretta. The son abandoned the home after the passing of his wife, a short time after giving birth to their second child in the late 1950's.

More photos of the Hahl home can be found in the gallery above.

The second home isn't too much farther down the road in Chatfield. It is a stone mansion known to locals as the Geiger home. David Lewis of Columbus bought the home and is in the process of fixing it up. The boys and I randomly stopped by when we saw a couple work vans parked out front during our June trip.

Lewis was happy to give the boys and I a tour of the home and photos of the outside and inside can be found in the gallery above.

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