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BLOG: A screaming-good time at Cedar Point

Tom Sherer • Jul 18, 2012 at 7:31 AM

Kings Island had a roller coaster named Screamin' Demon when I was a kid.

Anytime I’m at Cedar Point with co-worker Andy Ouriel, of “Five Points with Emil & Andy,” it makes me think of that ride, just because of the name.

Andy can scream. Andy is good at screaming. Andy likes to scream.

“Could you hear me screaming up there (at the top)?” Andy asked the ride host Sunday, July 15, after our run on Skyscraper at Challenge Park. “Everyone could hear you screaming,” the host replied.

From battling gulls to getting little kids to scream for fun on Ocean Motion, Andy’s a big kid at the park. And that's not a bad thing.

Perhaps you’ll notice him there someday this summer. I’d be shocked if you didn’t.

And if you find a lost cell phone, Platinum Pass, flip-flop or other item, there’s a not-so-bad chance it belongs to Andy. Feel free to drop it/them off at the Register.

Instead of being at the Register for work the next couple weeks, I’m on the mend after surgery. Instead of rolling along Millennium Force’s track Monday, July 16, I was being rolled into an operating room in Columbus.

Still, Cedar Point wasn’t far from my mind, nor the minds of the people around me:

When they heard I was from Sandusky and spend a lot of time at Cedar Point, the nurses at the surgical center asked if I brought them tickets.

I learned that having a surgical procedure can be much like a day at Cedar Point: I went through about 90 minutes of pre-op stuff (waiting) for a 10-minute procedure. (But I can only wish some CP rides lasted that long.)

The four things I specifically asked the doctor how long until I can resume doing: driving, running, typing with two hands and riding roller coasters. He chuckled after the last one. I didn’t when he said two weeks.  

Don’t forget Top Thrill Dragster Ride Night, with a Magnum XL-200 bonus, is Thursday, July 26. Also, Disaster Transport’s final operational day is Sunday, July 29. Details about that night were in my most recent previous blog entry.


Overheard at the Park

“This one’s a little more intimidating.” From a park employee in the Season Pass Office who retook my pass photo to more accurately reflect the nonsmiling, head-shaven self I am when I walk through the gate turnstiles, thus helping to avoid anymore identity holdups.

The Good

It’s not officially part of Cedar Point's main park — and it has a separate cost to do — but I could easily make an argument that Skyscraper in Challenge Park is the best ride on the entire Cedar Point peninsula.

I’m growing to like and appreciate Wicked Twister more this season. Too bad it doesn’t last a little longer, but with only one train holding up capacity, it’s a necessary evil.

WindSeeker, when it’s running, still offers one of the best views in the park, especially when circling over the beach and lake.

The Bad

The line for maXair was unusually long compared to lines for other rides. Not sure why, unless it was just one of those days.

The Indifferent (just observations — not good or bad — about the day)

Ocean Motion often is forgotten about, tucked away in the side at the front of the park, but it’s not a bad little ride. And it’s not just for kids.

Tom Sherer is an award-winning graphic designer with the Sandusky Register and a Cedar Point enthusiast who visited the park 53 times in 2011. He chronicles his adventures in coasterland here at "Belaboring the Point."

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