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Reader responds: Perspective, reality and bias

Matt Westerhold • Jul 10, 2012 at 11:24 AM

John Paul Morrow sent a letter to the editor on Monday in response to Sunday's "Between the Lines" column, "Grubbe's special club." Morrow, who has been closely affiliated with the Erie County Tea Party, makes some interesting points on a number of topics, including my perspective on the Fox News Network from a column I wrote about a month ago headlined "Fox News is not news."

Morrow's letter is likely to publish later this week in its entirety on the Reader's Forum page of the Register print edition. In the meantime, below are some excerpts from it with notations from me in italics following each excerpted paragraph.


By John Paul Morrow

I have heard it said, in the newspaper business you are not doing your job unless both sides hate you and you can still sell newspapers. While other newspapers have folded up due to Internet competition the Sandusky Register seems to be alive and well under the stewardship of Matt Westerhold.

(I like that part.)

I found it quite Ironic that Matt and Amy Grubbe, Erie County Democrat Chair, do not get along when you consider how liberal the Register's editorial (page) is. After all, Democrats are all supposed to be liberal socialist.....right? I also found it ironic that Matt would criticize FOX News when you consider the Register and FOX news have so much in common.

(A bit of a stretch, perhaps, but a very interesting comparison.)

While the Register has a token moderate conservative in its editorial pages, bombastic left-wing, social justice, big government advocates dominate the editorial columns. Just as FOX News has its right-wing, founding father-loving, Tea Party-advocating, American exceptionalist for the majority of its opinion pieces.

(I understand why some readers might see it that way.)

What people perceive of a media outlet is the entertainment of the opinion columns and not the unbiased news efforts of legitimate reporters trying to do a job. While FOX has its Bill O'Reilly, the Register has its Rufus Sanders, FOX has its Hannity, the Register has its Hoefert. While both news outlets survive from their opinion pieces that sell papers and airtime....they both or print or report on fairly unbiased news stories. Look at the justified criticisms of the city under the Democrat Stahl administration and then the accolades under the Republican-led Kaman administration; look at the Tom Paul versus Rick Jeffrey debacle, and of course the coverage of Matt Kline.

(I like this part very much, especially the last sentence.)

Like it or not, the Register has been very even-handed on reporting on local news and FOX has been very fair at the national news level. Most of the anger of the Register stems from its editorials, which are very tilted in favor of the left, just as FOX is tilted towards the right.

(The first 15 words of that paragraph are spot-on)

We know we have a real problem in Sandusky when the Register stops reporting upon government officials because of its allegiance to a particular political party or ideology, and that has not been the case. (The newspaper has) reported the bad news on just as many Democrats, if not more, than Republican candidates and politicians that seem to generally repulse their opinion columnist.

(I'm in total agreement with almost every word in that paragraph.)

So while many may condemn Matt as a Socialist.....it is not true.....he has papers to sell and employees to pay.....he is a capitalist.....selling a left-leaning paper to left leaning people who are willing to buy it. Rush, Sean, Bill, Mark, and Glenn would be proud! Some of us, even on the right, agree with Matt from time to time and that lets us know he can't be all bad....can he?

(All my life I've wanted to be a bad boy. I just don't have it in me.)                                                                     


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